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Finding good games should be easy. We use Steam to figure out what you like.
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We believe that you should play games because they're fun, not just because somebody told you to. Games should mean something to you. They should be more than the mindless completion of the next acheivement. They should be as distinctive and complex as the people who play them.

We dream that someday everytime someone plays a new game it will be the best game they've ever played. Everytime someone picks up a controller or sits down at their PC to play, something magical happens.

We want to live in a world where games not only have a profound effect on the people who play them, but on the whole world. Games matter, fun is not a happy accident, and doing the things you love can make a difference. We want the grind to turn into fun, not the other way around.

If people start playing games that mean something to them, then more of those games will get made. If we help the people who play games, cool things will happen.

We know this because we're gamers, too. We created this thing to find games for ourselves.

Good Games

Here's what I mean: I'm the guy that started this thing and I love Valkyria Chronicles. I love the art. I love the story. I love the fact that it feels like first person chess (with tanks and guns).

If you love Valkyria Chonicles, you'll know exactly what I mean. If you don't, I bet there's something out there that you love, too. That's why you're here. This thing was made to help all of us find more of that, because that's where awesome comes from.